Kunstnersamtale: Zofia Cielatkowska


Tirsdag 29. Mai
Starter: 18:00
Tillatt for alle.

CAS warmly invites you to a presentation at Tou Scene by CAS Resident in Art Writing Zofia Cielatkowska.

Art projects in public space often function as a lens for problematic local issues; they might be just simply unnoticed, tolerated, enthusiastically accepted or even cause mass protests. The discussion and atmosphere surrounding the art work can have, and very often has, longer effect or impact on community than the life of work itself.

The concept of what is public is intrinsically connected with an agency, and common ground of what is seen and heard (Hanah Arendt), which does not mean that there is a consensus. The aim of critical artistic practices is not to create consensus, but to allow participation of variousvoices in order to help the realization of democratic objectives (Chantal Mouffe). A discussion surrounding the work is crucial because the way that we consider and define public space tells a lot how we perceive the concept of a human being in relation to nature, society, economy or politics.

This presentation and discussion will focus on case studies of public art projects in Warsaw and both their immediate and long-term effects.

Zofia Cielatkowska is an independent researcher, philosopher, writer, editor, and curator. Her research and writing focus on social contexts in philosophy and culture with special emphasis on visual and performing arts. Doctor of Humanities in Philosophy (Embodiment of the Subject: Philosophy and Performance within the Context of Contemporary Critique of Culture, 2013), a graduate of Philosophy (2006) and Curatorial Studies (2008). She received a scholarship from The University at Buffalo (Department of Visual Arts, 2010). She is a member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics), and affiliated researcher at The French Civilisation Centre. Zofia regularly collaborates with various magazines; she has published more than 50 texts including academic papers, articles, reviews, and interviews.

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